Health and Wellness Coach

Hernandez Wellness Online Coaching 

 What you Get with online Coaching

  • Access to Livestream and E-Learning Classes that will improve your health and achieve your Fitness Goals.

  •  Simple and Easy online lessons to help Identify and tackle lifestyle limiting factors that stop you from achieving your overall goals in Mindset, Fitness, and Nutrition.

  •  Safe and Effective Resistance Band Exercise Program approach to help you speed up you fitness goal.

  •  Strategic Breathing Practices that support you in your weight loss journey by keeping stress under control and helping you at your best.

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Breath Control

Certified Breath Coach to teach and guide you in learning to control your autonomic nervous system, and to help with anxiety, stress, digestion and sleep!

Flexibility and Mobility Training

Flexibility and Mobility Class to help with chronic pain, recovery from injury and to keep you flexible and mobile.

Smarter Workout

Live and Replay Fitness Classes that will get you back in exercising daily and prevent you from risk of injury to achieve your fitness goals.


Nutritional Habit Hacks and Live trainings that will keep you understanding what is Good Nutrition while designing your own nutritional plan.

Pregnant or Postpartum 

Improve pelvic floor, diastases, and muscle imbalance with a Certified Postpartum Core Exercise Specialist.

Do Not Let Another Year Pass to improve your overall well-being 

 Hernandez Wellness Online Coaching 

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